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"Working with Mitch you get a better understanding of the game and a real chance to pick a great basketball mind. His approach to the game and passion is the way anyone who loves the game should be. The way he relates to the community and the kids he helps is truly amazing and takes a good patient soul to handle. Mitch's ideas and basketball workout by far set him on a different level then anyone else not apart of the HERC42FAM." Steevan Cardoso


"If you want your children to excel as basketball players send them to Coach Mitch.  I have played and coached high school and collegiate sports and Coach Mitch is one of the best I have ever seen. He teaches great fundamental skills, hard work and basketball IQ.  My daughter use to struggle with almost every drill coach would teach her.  Now those same drills have allowed her 4'11 stature to lead her team to success.  She's a faster, stronger and definitely a more skilled basketball player.  Thank you Coach for making my daughter want to consistently improve her game." - Mrs. Crichlow 


"Coach Mitch is one of my favorite coaches.  He shows you moves that you think you will never get.  He also works you so hard that those same moves become easy.  I have always been a good defensive player.  Now thanks to coach I can pass, dribble and shoot better.  I remember when I met him I use to cry during workouts.  He never gave up on me and he always encouraged me.  Now, I'm excited and happy to go to his workouts because I know the more I work with Coach Mitch the better I am going to be." - Amani Boston


"My daughter has been going to Mitch for almost a year and I have seen great improvement in her fundamental skills, confidence and endurance. He has such a good rapport with her and his level of patience has been unmatched by other clinics my daughter has attended. He expects nothing but the best and through his technique and knowledge of the game, he is able to bring out the best in her." - Carine Sauvignon, Acting Dean of Emergent Technologies, Massasoit Community College.


"Coach Hercule has a unique way of teaching and motivating young players. The improvement the players make under his guidance is second to no one." -Marc Papas, founder and director of the Boston Warriors AAU program


"Mitch's workouts are detailed and innovative. He keeps kids physically occupied and motivated rather than going through the same routines over and over. His knowledge of fundamentals supplemented by his instruction often leads to immediate results for the athletes he works out". - Corey McCarthy 3 time state champion coach at New Mission High School


"There are numerous benefits to working out with Mitch. As a parent I noticed that my son started having more speed, agility, and confidence. His dribbling became faster and harder, which allowed him to be more confident in open court. What I noticed the most was how mechanically sound his jump shot became. My son's jump shot became more accurate because his release became higher and the shot became softer. I promise that by your kids attending Mitch's workout ,  you will see vast improvement." -Mr. Dean


"I as a parent am blessed to have met Mitch this year. He has my son-Joseph working harder and building his confidence every Saturday morning with drills from pick and roll to foot work-speed to shooting and rebounding.My son as 6ft 3 " 14 year old raw student of the game has learn and improve much more than I can imagine.More than camps and recreation team playing in the past.parents won't go wrong with Mitch's coaching and experience." -Sgt. Chris Tarantino 


"Mitch Hercule is an absolute pro, when it comes to working individuals out. It does not matter if it’s a beginner or standout player, you will improve working with Mitch. He blends old school drills, with innovative new drills to make each session a difference maker. I’ve been around the game for 35 years and cannot think of anyone better. " -Jahmahl Galloway Coach/Official IAABO Board 27.

“The program kept me playing for most of the summer and helped me touch up on my craft. We would learn different combos and moves during skills and drills and then you get to go test out the moves you just learned in the open runs. Being part of the program felt great with a supportive environment. they feed you, make sure you stay hydrated and most importantly they make sure you are safe. The summer nights program should keep running because it keeps some kids off the streets, keeps kids busy during summer break, the coaches hosea, mitch, steve, and reggie help develop your skillset also by the end of the program you can see that peoples skills elevated. That is why the summer program should stay up and running. “ -Chris

“My daughter Cheyenne, who's 12yrs old loved going to the Ladies night basketball clinic. It was alot of hard work but it allowed her to have fun while learning new skills.  Mitch and the other coaches focused on her training and it gave her the time to focus on the skills that were being taught at the clinic. I also felt like it was a safe place for her to be herself.  Mitch alway made her feel welcomed and having guest speakers, food and music was just an added bonus.” -Anonymous 

“This program helped me in different aspects that it was meant to help me in. By the end of the summer I had more knowledge of basketball and ball handling in general. Although it has helped me with my basketball skills, it has also helped me mentally. Everyone one of the people helping out Mitch, made the program feel welcoming and fun. It was a challenge doing things i’ve done before but it was worth me trying. Being apart of the program made me feel like I had a family, that gets together every friday and just enjoys the time together. Mitch should continue the program so other girls have the opportunity to experience what I have.”

“My Daughter Ashya 13 and son Dakari 12 benefited from participating in the skill and drills ran every week and Further developing their handling and footwork. What is being done here is good Community fun and development. Guarantee to make memories for life”- Anonymous 

“Herc42skills is a great program since my daughter joined the program I definitely seen that her skills and her confidence had improved, we can't wait till next year. “ -Anonymous 

“Ladies night helped me with my ball handling and it also brought us girls closer together every week. Also bringing the special guests made me realize no matter how hard it gets if you want it you you will work as hard as you can and push through the all tough times and and get to where you want to be. “-Anonymous 

“Ladies night created an environment for female athletes that the city has not had in a while! Meeting up every Friday night with other girls from all over! Working out with some of the best trainers, hearing some of the stories from past female athletes, getting to understand what it takes to play at the next level! Each week was something different but the same goal- “Have fun while playing the game we love” An we have Mitch an his team to thank. Can’t wait for what’s next!” -Anonymous 

“Mia 13 has enjoyed the opportunity to be part of such an amazing program. The program geared towards helping the young ladies in the community was a huge success. Mia was able to not just learn more about basketball, the opportunity to learn how to collaborate with others, and be a great teammate. The supporting coaching staff was simply incredible. “-Anonymous 

“Participating in Ladies Night enables them to create friendships they otherwise might not have formed. It’s an important learning environment for children to be involved in something. This program helps build positive self- esteem in children. Being able to have something to be part of every Friday night  can be a helpful way of reducing stress and increasing feelings of physical and mental well-being. Thanks for all you do!”- Anonymous 

“When I went to Ladies Night open run basketball skill trainings for the first time, I wasn’t aware of how much of a positive 
experience it would be. I made new friends  on the court, and the coaches positive energy inspired and motivated us it was such a good time. My sister and  I loved the guest speakers, the training, the positive vibes, the great food, and fun activities. 
Thanks for doing something that every girl had access to as it made a memorable experience in the community!”

Layla Rivera Age 13

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