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Make the Most of Our Intense Training Sessions 


Mitchell Hercule, director of Herc42Skills LLC, offers a competitive skill development program for boys and girls. It will be a 6 week program, two days a week. The program includes core workout and lightweight training as well as resistance cable work. It will help individuals improve shooting, conditioning, court awareness, one-on-one offensive moves, and also help them become better defenders. The intense workout will show immediate results. Mitchell Hercule specializes in all areas of basketball skill development, conditioning, improving basketball IQ, speed, agility, balance, power, flexibility and vertical jump Participants will participate in numerous aggressive, repetitive drills as well as, many defensive drills to improve footwork. Players will be able to improve their skills to get ready for their particular seasons (Overseas, College, AAU, high school, middle school, etc.) Our training is guaranteed to help a player prepare and perform at the highest level.


Create Your Own Schedule


Training sessions (two days per week) are for boys, girls, men and women players. It is for players of all levels players looking to improve during the off-season, players getting ready for college, players trying to make varsity or just beginning to learn the game.

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